Nicola Sturgeon cancels Westminster appearance

Nicola Sturgeon has postponed her appearance at Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee next week.

The former first minister asked for her evidence session on intergovernmental relations since devolution to be rescheduled.

The postponement comes days after her husband Peter Murrell was charged by police with embezzling funds from the SNP.

Ms Sturgeon described her husband being charged as "incredibly difficult."

Mr Murrell had served as the party's chief executive for 22 years before stepping down in 2023.

He and Ms Sturgeon were married in 2010.

Ms Sturgeon was due to give evidence to the committee on Monday 29 April.

It is now working on a new date.

The inquiry has already heard from a number of influential political voices including Lord David Cameron, former first minister Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson MSP.