Nicolas Cage Expresses Concerns About AI, Disavows ‘The Flash’ Cameo

Nicolas Cage shared his thoughts on AI’s role in films and expressed criticism regarding his short appearance in Warner Bros.’ “The Flash.”

“The Flash” depicted a younger version of Cage as an alternate Superman inspired by “Superman Lives,” Tim Burton’s shelved Man of Steel project from 1998. In “The Flash,” Cage’s Superman was portrayed battling a massive spider firing red lasers from its eyes. However, the actor revealed that this portrayal differed significantly from what he originally filmed for the movie.

“When I went to the picture, it was me fighting a giant spider. I did not do that,” Cage told Yahoo! Entertainment in a new interview. “That was not what I did. I don’t think it was [created by] AI. I know Tim (Burton) is upset about AI, as I am.

“It was CGI, OK, so that they could de-age me, and I’m fighting a spider,” Cage said. “I didn’t do any of that, so I don’t know what happened there. … But I get where Tim’s coming from. I know what he means. I would be very unhappy if people were taking my art … and appropriating them. I get it. I mean, I’m with him in that regard. AI is a nightmare to me. It’s inhumane. You can’t get more inhumane than artificial intelligence.”

Cage added: “But I don’t think it [was] AI [in ‘The Flash’]. I just think that they did something with it, and again, it’s out of my control. I literally went to shoot a scene for maybe an hour in the suit, looking at the destruction of a universe and trying to convey the feelings of loss and sadness and terror in my eyes. That’s all I did.”

Cage also explained what he actually did on set the day he shot his cameo for “The Flash.”

“What I was supposed to do was literally just be standing in an alternate dimension, if you will, and witnessing the destruction of the universe,” Cage said. “Kal-El was bearing witness [to] the end of a universe, and you can imagine with that short amount of time that I had, what that would mean in terms of what I can convey. I had no dialogue [so had to] convey with my eyes the emotion. So that’s what I did. I was on set for maybe three hours.”

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