Nicole Kidman Says It’s “My Dream” To Perform Viral AMC Spot With Drag Queen

Nicole Kidman is well aware of all the spoofs her viral AMC commercial generated and now has an idea to perform it live.

The actress starred in the September 2021 AMC advertisement, which reminded people of the unique experience of watching a film in the theater following the pandemic. Kidman knows about the recent trend of drag queens spoofing the commercials and is ready to perform the monologue live.

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“My dream will be to be onstage doing it with a drag queen,” she said in an interview with Elle. “I’ve got to be able to do that at some point.”

Kidman recalled filming the ad while filming Being the Ricardos and why she felt the need to do it after AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron offered her the task.

“It was just the desire to keep cinemas alive,” she said. “I’ve had the best experiences in cinema. I’d pretend I was going to school; I’d forge a note, and I’d go and sit in a movie theater. That’s a safe haven for me, so the idea of those not existing—that’s just not part of the equation in my lifetime.”

Of becoming a meme and being mocked by SNL and comedians, she said, “If that’s what it takes, I’ll do whatever it takes. We have to have some more ideas for the next one.”

AMC recently retired the 60-second spot that played before the feature film and has entered Phase 2 of the pre-show campaign, rotating three different 30-second ads.

“You won’t get like three in a row when you go to watch one movie,” Aron recently said. “But as you watch movies going forward, you will see three different Nicole spots that will kind of randomly appear in our theaters prior to the show.”

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