Nicole Kidman's gone back to her roots with short red curls, and we're so here for it

nicole kidman red curls
Nicole Kidman returned to her roots with red curlsANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

Remembering that Nicole Kidman is naturally red-headed is similar to remembering she's Australian; You always know it, but you don't always think it. You see the difference?

Well, now the icy blonde has taken a step toward red again with a sweet strawberry blonde. And if that wasn't enough of a return to her roots, she's wearing it in big bouncing curls.

Slides 2 and 3 are where you really see that warm and fruity strawb' colour pop, and it's such a good hue for her. Though the new shorter style doesn't have the cascading length of Nicole's 90s curls, it certainly feels like a nostalgic hair moment.

While it's hardly a bob, the new style is considerably shorter than the waist length tresses we're used to seeing her with outside of filming. Whether it's a chop or the removal of extensions, the playful new length is giving fun, it's giving summer is coming, it's giving we-could-totally-be-friends.

But most of all it's giving young Nicole, and now we're going to go on IMDB and watch her filmography from the beginning.

nicole kidman curly hair
Back in 1993Barry King - Getty Images

If from 'short red curls' you were expecting Annie, or Ice Spice, we hope you aren't disappointed. 'Shorter-than-before-strawberry-blonde-curls' was way too long for a headline. But just to make sure we're catering to all, here is a glorious 80s image of baby Nicole before the fame.

nicole kidman private photo shoot in sydney
1983Patrick Riviere - Getty Images

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