New Nintendo Switch a hit with old-school Calgary gamer

The latest video game console from Nintendo went flying off the shelves this weekend — but at least one Calgary man managed to get his hands on one. 

Stevey Hodges picked up a Nintendo Switch at a brick and mortar store and played it all weekend. But, he looked up from the highly-coveted console Monday morning to share his thoughts with the Calgary Eyeopener. 

Q: So, did you get any sleep last night?

A: Very little. 

Q: How big of a Nintendo fan are you?

A: I was raised with the classic Nintendo entertainment system, playing Mario and Duck Hunt, playing Super Mario 1, 2 and 3, playing the original Legend of Zelda ... I love Nintendo. I've wandered off in my older years, playing with the Xbox One, but when I heard about the Nintendo Switch, I pre-ordered it, took the day off work on Friday, went and picked it up and I've been playing it ever since. 

Q: What is so special about this console?

A: The cool thing about Nintendo Switch is that it's not just one console — it's three consoles in one. You have the handheld, I can also put it on my HDTV via a docking station. It's instantaneous too — I could be playing downstairs on the couch and then I could walk upstairs into the "nerd room," as I call it, and hook it right up and I'm playing it instantaneously. There's no lag between the two. I can also take the controllers off and then it's a little mini console that I could bring to a friend's house and I can play various party games. 

Q: Aren't you worried that if you can continue to play away from your television you'll never stop?

A: Life's all about balance. I need to indulge my nerdy passions. Another cool feature with the Nintendo Switch is you can link up to eight different consoles together and you can have an old-school "LAN party," a local area network party. You can all play on your console, but together. 

Q: People are already selling the Switch on Kijiji for double, even triple the price. Are you surprised by that?

A: Not really. If you were to ask my honest opinion about these people, I would probably say words that I'm not allowed to say on radio. They're the bane of my existence. People out there, if your kids or you are crazy about getting a Switch, I say wait. There's going to be new kits coming out, Mario's coming out in the summer so there's going to be packaged deals with that, so just hold off. 

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With files from the Calgary Eyeopener