Nipawin civic facilities to continue to be disinfected

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Nipawin’s facilities, including the pool and Evergreen Centre, are moving back to full capacity post-restrictions although cleaning protocols are planned to remain very similar.

This comes with the province lifting the public health order restrictions on July 11.

Before the pandemic, Barry Elliott, Nipawin’s administrator, said the facility cleaning protocols were “lighter” with products and techniques more aligned to focus on “ongoing cleaning” rather than disinfection.

“We still recognize any enhanced cleaning has been a good thing, let’s face it, I think everybody will agree with that,” Elliott said.

“We feel comfortable it’s been working, clearly it’s been doing a good job at keeping things disinfected and I think that bears out.”

Hand sanitizer is planned to continue to be refilled at civic facilities and desk barriers are planned to remain for the time being. Like any of the other protocols, Elliott said this is subject to ongoing changes and reviews.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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