Nipawin installing 30 km/h speed signs around skate park

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The Town of Nipawin has approved two additional 30 km/h speed limit signs near the skate park, following multiple complaints from residents who said they didn’t initially realize it was a 30 km/h zone.

Barry Elliott, Nipawin’s administrator, said that the issue is stemming from drivers going down Second Avenue East and Third Street North onto Nipawin Road who don’t realize when the zone changes.

“You turn onto Nipawin Road and you’re already in the 30 kilometre per hour zone, and many people don’t realize that. So we wanted to get some signage up on that side street,” Elliott said, adding that an additional concern was added with pedestrian traffic from the swimming pool and arenas.

“The conversation that we had was just how extensive should that area be with signs for 30 kilometres.”

The signs will be installed on Second Avenue East and Third Street North.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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