Nipawin RCMP confiscate two shotguns and a rifle

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Ten people were taken into custody and four individuals were charged following Nipawin RCMP officers responding to a reported assault at a residence on Seymour Street.

When officers arrived at the door of the residence, where an assault was reported by a third party, they were met by a man holding a firearm.

“Officers challenged this individual and the firearm was discarded, at which point that male returned into the residence,” said Cpl. Josh Martin. “Systematically 10 people were called out of the residence and taken into custody.”

Martin said all 10 individuals were known to each other.

Assault and weapon charges were laid, and two shotguns as well as a rifle.

“It sure is nice to get them off the streets,” Martin said.

The incident, which occurred on May 18, was presented to Nipawin council on June 28, as part of the RCMP’s crime report for the months of April and May

In April, the Nipawin RCMP responded to 359 calls for service in the Nipawin area, excluding criminal record checks, and 271 in the Town of Nipawin. Of these calls for service there were 24 reported persons crimes, with 12 charged; 55 reported property crimes, with eight charged; and 48 other Criminal Code violations reported with 26 charged.

This is an increase from April, 2020, which had 216 calls for service in the Nipawin Service area and 172 within the Town of Nipawin.

In May, the Nipawin RCMP responded to 323 calls within the Nipawin service area, with 247 located in the Town of Nipawin. These included 19 reported person crimes, with three charges; 62 reported property crimes, with one charged; and 60 other Criminal Code violations reported, with 42 charged.

This is around the same as May, 2020, numbers which had 338 calls in the Nipawin service area and 226 in the Town of Nipawin.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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