Nipawin reverts to requiring doctors’ notes for sick time

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The Town of Nipawin is once again requiring medical notes for staff needing sick time – something that was suspended with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barry Elliott, Nipawin’s administrator, said that municipal employees throughout the pandemic were forthcoming with information when using sick leave and that the town has no reason to believe that they have abused the system.

“We’ve reverted back to a more consistent and traditional procedure for the use of sick time,” Elliott said. “When (COVID) first came in nobody knew what it was, so there was a bit more leeway to take time off to self-isolate without a doctor’s note, there was a little more flexibility involved.”

According to Jennifer Graham, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, the Ministry has recommended against policies requiring physician notes relative to COVID-19.

“Public health advice has consistently been to stay home with even mild symptoms and get tested for COVID-19,” Graham said. “Once test results are known, public health will provide individuals and their close contacts with directions for isolation.”

Testing for COVID-19 in Saskatchewan is available by referral from HealthLine 811 or a health care provider.

An individual would work with their health care provider on getting a sick note. Some physicians may email or mail the notes if the person is isolating and cannot leave.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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