Nipawin seeking tenders for new fire rescue truck

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Nipawin has put out a tender request for the purchase of a new fire rescue truck, replacing the town’s 2004 model.

The rescue truck, while not having water pumping capabilities like the pumper, serves to transport special equipment including the Jaws of Life, tools, generators and more. The truck is used in the vast majority of calls the Nipawin Fire Department responds to.

“It carries a lot of the gear they need to support the firefighting or other incidents like vehicle rescues,” said Barry Elliott, Nipawin’s administrator.

“We’ve determined when we did the fire underwriters survey that a number of our vehicles are in need of planning for replacement. A rescue truck has been in the works now for two years, perhaps even more than that.”

In 2019, a total of $30,000 was allocated by the town, after they received $100,000 from the HumboldtStrong Community Foundation. The other $70,000 was allocated to go towards the heliport pad.

The town budgeted $400,000 in total for the truck.

Corey Rodgers, a fire and emergency services consultant hired by the Town of Nipawin for a period until they fill the position of fire chief, said one added benefit of a newer model truck is superior visibility with better reflective taping and lighting.

“When they bring in a new truck it’s going to add more value in terms of safety on the scene,” Rodgers said.

“The more visibility, the more protection that we can provide for these firefighters that are following their job and anyone who is injured in an accident.”

The tender closes on Sept. 21 and is expected to take up to a year to arrive once purchased.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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