Nipawin selling old water treatment location

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The Town of Nipawin has put out a tender notice to sell the site of the old water treatment plant for $90,000 plus applicable taxes.

The property, where the water treatment plant was demolished in 2020, is located on the corner of Sixth Street East and Shults Road. It is .84 acres in size, with silty sand as soil with minimal clay, and a few inches of topsoil.

This tender is specifically seeking residential development including but not limited to multiple duplexes, townhouses, or various types of a multi-unit dwelling.

“It’s a very large piece of property and it’s in a very good location,” said Barry Elliott, Nipawin’s administrator. “It’s an effort to reach out and see what developers are interested in the property and see what kind of development we can get in there.”

Any tender bids will be reviewed and brought before council for discussion. Elliott said that depending on interest, alternative zoning uses may be brought to council such as commercial.

“We’re hoping to just be able to provide opportunities for other development as opposed to just your single detached or house – that sort of thing.”

The town said they are also able to assist in subdividing the land, if necessary. Tax incentives may be provided depending on the development.

The submission deadline for tenders is Sept. 24, with the review process beginning on Sept. 27.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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