NLC's booze prices rising slightly while cannabis dropping 7%

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Some prices are increasing at the NLC as of Monday. (CBC Newfoundland and Labrador - image credit)
Some prices are increasing at the NLC as of Monday. (CBC Newfoundland and Labrador - image credit)

There will be a price change on most products at liquor stores in Newfoundland and Labrador, but depending on what your drink of choice is, you might not notice it.

The NLC's annual price adjustment takes effect Monday. Despite the provincial budget being tabled the next day, the NLC says the price change is not directly tied to the budget process.

By category, the average increases are:

  • 0.98 per cent for beer.

  • 1.19 per cent for ready-to-drink.

  • 1.06 per cent for spirits.

  • 1.25 per cent for wine.

"NLC allows its suppliers to quote annually, with this process having started back in March of this year. These price changes are driven by the re-quoting of our suppliers, based on market conditions, inflation, cost of goods, transportation costs, etc.," reads a statement from the NLC.

A 12-pack of Coors Light and Black Horse and some other brands of beer will increase 51 cents to $28.49. A six-pack will also increase 51 cents to $16.49. There is no change to a 24-pack.

A 750-millilitre bottle of Lamb's Palm Breeze Rum is also increasing 51 cents.

But if Bodacious wine is your go-to, in the four-litre box, that price is dropping by almost $5.

Cannabis drops

While alcohol prices are up slightly, the average price of cannabis is dropping by seven per cent overall as of Tuesday.

Similar to booze prices, the changes are driven by prices from suppliers, inflation, cost of goods and other factors, said the NLC.

"The difference between this and the adjustment for beverage alcohol is that this is still an evolving industry that continues to normalize itself and react to market and consumer demands and industry efforts to disrupt the illicit market," reads the statement from the NLC.

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