How will No. 2 Alabama move forward after Brandon Miller revelation? I The Rush

No. 2 Alabama will face South Carolina on the road just one day after a court hearing revealed Crimson Tide freshman phenom Brandon Miller’s shocking connection to a murder, allegedly committed by his former teammate. Alabama coach Nate Oats responded to the revelations in a way that left many shaking their heads. In the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks fired head coach Nate McMillan and NFL coach Jim Caldwell said he will no longer pursue head coaching jobs.

Video Transcript

- I can't control everything anybody does outside of practice. Nobody knew that was going to happen.

JARED QUAY: On the basketball court, things have been pretty good for the Alabama Crimson Tide. It was men's team is ranked number two in the nation with a 23 and 4 record this season. Off the court is a totally different story, though.

In January, Alabama Junior Forward Darius Miles was arrested and charged along with his friend Michael Davis with the murder of 23-year-old, Jamea Harris, who was shot to death in a busy area near campus.

During a court proceeding on Tuesday, it was revealed that Alabama freshman forward Brandon Miller allegedly delivers the gun to the scene upon Miles request, prior to the fatal shooting. Miller, who leads the tide in scoring this season isn't being charged in connection to the shooting. But as you can imagine, this new development was a topic of conversation at the press conference with Bama Coach Nate Oats.

- Yeah, I mean, we've known the situation since it's been fully cooperating with law enforcement the entire time. I it's--

- You knew what this entire time, that one of your players delivered a gun to his teammate like it was an Uber Eats? And that gun was used to murder someone a shootout in the middle of a packed bar district?

- Brandon hasn't been in any type of trouble, nor is he in any trouble at all on this case. Like, wrong spot at the wrong time. So--

JARED QUAY: [INAUDIBLE] been conducting business as usual since the shooting. But now that the public knows about Miller's involvement, good luck with that. Sports fans aren't typically known for their grace and decorum, and South Carolina fans will be put to the test tonight when they host Alabama at the Colonial Life Arena. Stay classy, [? Gamecocks. ?]

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Tuesday was depressing as hell in the sports world. Not everything was about life and death like down in Tuscaloosa, but it still sucked to keep it a hunted. The eighth-place Atlanta Hawks fired head Coach Nate McMillan after a month-long beef between McMillan and star guard Trae Young.

You hate to see someone lose their job, man, especially when you're in a place that's playoffs. And maybe even worse when a person is qualified but too demoralized to even look for a better job, which is the case with Jim Caldwell. The Carolina Panthers senior assistant said in an interview with ESPN that he's not going to pursue head coaching gigs anymore. Caldwell was fired from his previous two head coaching jobs, despite having a winning record in both stops. And since 2017, the 68-year-old has interviewed for six head coaching gigs and failed to land any of them.

This bums me out, but I get it. Why keep putting on your nicest suit and flying all over the country if it's only to satisfy the Rooney Rule and not about merit? Jim is a good dude, and he doesn't need that kind of nonsense, all right? Actually, to be honest with you, I would just keep taking the flights and going on the interviews with just running up the room service. You're qualified, you deserve a job, and they don't--