No boat launch for McDougall’s Meadowcrest park beach

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After arguments between residents who lived near Meadowcrest beach erupted in the later summer, McDougall’s council has decided that boats will not be permitted to launch from that location.

At the previous meeting in December, Leduc brought forward three recommendations to council on how to remedy the situation at the small beach.

The first option was to operate the beach the same as before the pandemic, with the launching of small boats limited to a vessel that a person can carry to the water.

Option two was to operate the beach with the added restriction of no vessel launching of any kind, and the third option was to allow people to launch small boats or vessels on trailers only from ice out until May 31 and then again from Sept. 15 to the time the lake ices.

Here are some quotes from the council meeting regarding the decision:

“This isn’t a resolution, it’s just direction to staff; currently it is established as a beach and I spoke at the previous meeting about leaving it as a beach and my position hasn’t changed on that,” said Mayor Dale Robinson.

“Are there any other spots on Portage Lake where it’s possible to look at for future boat ramps?” asked Coun. Joe Ryman.

“The spot at Portage Creek right now is municipal property; there is no dock there currently, so there really is no encumbrance for us to put a dock there if we needed to, as it is our property,” said parks and recreation director Brian Leduc.

At the Jan. 20 council meeting, three councillors and the mayor voted in favour of the beach remaining simply a beach.

Sarah Cooke’s reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative.

Sarah Cooke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Parry Sound North Star