No charges for driver who killed 2 Elk Island bison

A man who struck and killed two bison while driving through Elk Island National Park Wednesday morning will not be charged, according to RCMP.

Const. Shane Kitzman says the man was driving through the park at around 6:30 a.m. when his Dodge Ram hit the animals on the main road.

“Luckily he was driving a larger Dodge truck. If he had been driving even a small truck or a car … he could have received serious injuries, if not possible death,” said Kitzman.

He said the man was not injured but the truck was damaged.

The driver reported the crash to police.

Kitzman says the park can be a dangerous place for drivers, especially in the early morning or late night.

"We always suggest for people driving through the park to obviously drive with caution as the buffalo do move slow,” he said.

“There is no artificial light through the park so it's very difficult to see anything on the road.”