No charges will be laid in connection with Montague High lockdown incident

Montague Regional High School was locked down for a short period Monday after a gun was reported on site. (Nicola MacLeod/CBC - image credit)

No charges will be laid in connection to an incident Monday at Montague Regional High School, which led to a replica gun being seized on school grounds.

RCMP said Wednesday that their investigation is now complete.

"It was revealed that the gun was a replica, no one was injured and the replica was not used in the commission of any criminal offence," the P.E.I. RCMP said in a social media post.

When used to commit a crime, replica firearms are included in the broader Criminal Code definition of "imitation firearms."

According to the Criminal Code, there is a mandatory minimum penalty of one year in prison if an imitation firearm is used to commit, to attempt to commit, or during flight after committing a serious criminal offence, such as kidnapping, robbery or sexual assault.

Kings District RCMP rushed to the school after school officials heard about a gun on the property and initiated a lockdown at about 12:45 p.m. Monday.

Police seized the replica and quickly determined there was no danger to anyone.