No charges in moose drowning near Parlee Beach last summer, says Public Safety

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No one is being charged in connection with the drowning of a young bull moose near Parlee Beach last summer.

Department of Public Safety officials completed their investigation in January and closed the file without laying any charges, said spokesperson Coreen Enos.

"There was insufficient evidence," she said in an emailed statement.

The moose appeared at the popular beach on the morning of June 22 and drowned about 500 metres from shore later that afternoon.

On June 29, the government posted on its Facebook page that conservation officers with the Department of Public Safety were looking for eyewitnesses and people who had photos or video of the incident.

"We are looking to ascertain the facts of the case as we only have minimal information," Enos had said at the time.

Conservation officers are responsible for enforcing New Brunswick's Fish and Wildlife Act.

Pictures and videos of the unusual moose sighting had been quickly and widely shared across social media that day.

An estimated 1,500 people had been enjoying the water that day because of the heat.

Pictures and reports of the animal being chased and harassed had angered the Atlantic Wildlife Institute's director of wildlife care, Pam Novak, and some onlookers.

The Department of Natural Resources started receiving calls about the moose from Shediac Bay, southwest of Parlee Beach, around 10:30 a.m.

The ranger's office in Dieppe received a second call about the moose around 5 p.m. Officials went out in a boat and tried to guide the moose toward shore, but by that time, the animal was already showing signs of fatigue and going under water, a spokesperson had said.