No COVID vaccine reactions, Renfrew retirement home reports

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Residents of Renfrew’s Chartwell Quail Creek Retirement Home reported no adverse reactions to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, according to general manager Becky Meadows.

“Chartwell Quail Creek staff ensured all paperwork was completed and prepared for resident registration, then (Renfrew) paramedics administered the vaccines,” said Meadows.

An in-house vaccine clinic was held at the home on March 18.

“Nursing staff ensured the residents were monitored afterwards for reactions. We thankfully had no reactions,” added Meadows in an email to this newspaper, who said all 76 residents had been vaccinated.

Meadows said that four residents willingly talked to her about the inoculation and reported that it was “not painful,” that they “didn’t even feel it,” or it felt like “a wee sting.”

The respondents also did not take any pain medication afterwards, with an 80-year-old resident saying, “I still don't take any pills at my age!”

“This needle (is) a step in the right direction. That is what makes this all worth it,” a resident told Meadows.

Pre-vaccination, Dr. Hance Clarke, medical director of The Pain Research unit at Toronto General Hospital, does not recommend taking pain medications or antihistamines, as it “could potentially dampen down the immune system to the vaccine.”

Post-vaccination, Tylenol or ibuprofen may be taken if needed. A new combination Tylenol/ibuprofen product has also been recently approved by Health Canada called Combogesic, according to Clarke.

5 Tips if you're nervous about the COVID-19 vaccine

Canadians will be getting their COVID-19 vaccinations in the next few months. While some people are excited about getting inoculated, others are nervous about the needle.

Dr. Clarke offered some tips if you’re nervous about your COVID-19 vaccine:

1) “Distract yourself while the vaccination is happening.” Some ways to distract yourself include reading a book, listening to music on a headphone, playing a game on your cellphone or iPad.

2) “Purchase an Emla patch or any local anesthetic cream from the pharmacy and apply on the injection site.” This product works by numbing the skin temporarily. Make sure to follow instructions and apply to skin at the specified time, usually an hour before injections.

3) Mindfulness

4) Meditation

5) Visualization

Yona Harvey, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Smiths Falls Record News