No dental clinics at Stratford Elementary and Glen Stewart Primary this year

Stratford Elementary and Glen Stewart Primary will not be offering dental clinics on-site this year.

Health PEI offers the clinics at schools across the province, but due to increased enrolment, the province said there isn't enough space to hold the clinics at Glen Stewart Primary or Stratford Elementary.

The space where the clinics would be offered would need to be available for several weeks, and meet infection control standards.

Clinic still offered off-site

Students from those schools will still be able to access the services, which include which include teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and oral health education.Those students will be able to go to the Dental Public Health Clinic in Charlottetown.

The Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture said the service is offered at 52 of the 62 public schools across the province. The department said both education and health officials are working together to look into options for offering the clinics at Stratford schools in the future.

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