No excuses: Corner Brook runner braves the elements for 100th day

No excuses: Corner Brook runner braves the elements for 100th day

This winter's wicked weather has been no match for Corner Brook runner Darren Kaulback.

As of Monday, he's been running for 100 days straight, braving rain, sleet and snow to train for an upcoming marathon in Halifax.

From self-proclaimed "bum" to three-time Boston Marathoner in just six years, Kaulback said running helps keep him healthy — both physically and mentally.

Although he is looking forward to the Blue Nose Marathon this May, Kaulback said his commitment to running is more about maintaining a good habit than anything else.

He told the Corner Brook Morning Show  that running helps him get through the long Newfoundland winter.

"It just makes you a better person — you're happier, you sleep better, you eat better … you can think more clearly and not be as stressed. That's the main goal."

Kaulback started his current streak on Christmas Day, and said he won't be stopping any time soon.

"I just want to keep going. Hopefully I can get to next Christmas."

Kaulback does most of his running on the highway, where conditions are generally clear, covering distances up to 20 miles. When asked about how he keeps motivated, he said it's not always easy.

"There have been some tough days. There were a couple of runs I ended up doing at 10 or 11 o'clock at night, just to get them in."

Not without risks

Running in all sorts of weather hasn't been without its dangers, including an incident three weeks ago when Kaulback was running in a storm.

"I hit a pothole and twisted my ankle. I 'Supermanned' down the hill and cracked a rib."

He's taking the rib injury in stride, with help from a heating pad and the occasional Advil.

As for his ankles: "I'm used to twisting my ankles. They're strong."

In addition to the May 21 Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax, Kaulback is also running in the Humber Valley Marathon in October.