No Fixed Address: These are the stories that defined renting in Toronto

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No Fixed Address: These are the stories that defined renting in Toronto

Navigating the rental and housing market in Toronto is not the same for everyone.

We strived to capture the nuances of the experience in our ongoing No Fixed Address series.

Catch up on it below.

How I became a 32-year-old couch surfer

Reporter Shannon Martin kickstarts the No Fixed Address series after being forced to leave her condo apartment due to a nearly $1,000 per month increase in rent.

What's the deal with the 1991 'loophole?'

The province sets a guideline for rent increases every year. For 2017, it is 1.5 per cent. But there is a loophole — it only applies to units built before Nov. 1, 1991. 

An interactive discussion on Toronto's rental and housing market

Why Toronto's condo rental market is described as 'ridiculous'

What is contributing to Toronto's competitive rental market?

High rent could make Toronto a 'generational ghost town'

"Housing prices are squeezing younger people out."

'Nightmare' tenants, high costs make rental landscape a challenge for landlords, too

On the flip side, the 1991 issue creates a problem for landlords who own older buildings: How can they cover spikes in utilities or taxes without being allowed to adequately raise rent?

Rental market for Torontonians on disability 'absolutely horrible'

Renters who rely on Ontario's Disability Support Program may encounter sky-high prices and discriminatory landlords while apartment hunting in Toronto.

What Toronto's average monthly rent of $1,800 gets you in cities Canada-wide

You might find your dollar goes further elsewhere in the country. In some instances, a lot further.

These are your stories about renting struggles in Toronto

After the launch of No Fixed Address, we were inundated with stories of the struggle to rent.

Can anything be done to cool Toronto's hot rental market?

What do the policy-makers have to say?

A first-time renter's guide to rental numbers in Toronto

These are your must-know basics.