No medically assisted deaths on P.E.I. since it became legal option

There has been at least one request for a medically assisted death in the province since it became a legal option in June 2016, however no procedures have taken place, according to Health PEI.

P.E.I. is the only province that did not record any medically assisted deaths.

Fewer than five requests

"There have been fewer than five requests for medical assistance in dying and no procedures carried out since this service became law last June," said Health PEI in a statement to CBC.

The agency said it cannot divulge the exact number of requests since there were fewer than five, for privacy reasons, but confirmed there was at least one.

Procedures may not have been carried out because the individual changed their mind, or because they didn't meet the necessary criteria, said an agency spokesperson. 

Getting approval for a medically assisted death involves evaluations from two medical professionals (family physician or nurse practitioner).

List of providers to help

"If they do not have a primary care provider, they can call 811 and a registered nurse will refer that individual to another health care provider who is willing to be involved in this service. Health PEI does maintain a confidential list of health care providers willing to be involved this service."

In the Atlantic region, nine medically assisted deaths were carried out in New Brunswick since it became legal, 31 in Nova Scotia, and 7 in Newfoundland.

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