No pay hike in the works for P.E.I. MLAs in 2021

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There will be no pay raise for members of the P.E.I. legislature this coming year.

The Indemnities and Allowances Commission, an independent body that reviews the salaries of MLAs, has recommended no pay increase to the base salary or any additional salaries for members.

The commission's report was released in the legislature Friday morning.

The base salary for MLAs on the Island is $74,394.

The premier receives an additional $80,797, bringing his total salary to $155,191.

The Opposition leader receives an additional $51,986, for a total salary of $126,381.

The report of the three-member commission, which includes Ron Profit, Dennis Carver, and Sharon O'Halloran, is binding.

Previous increases

P.E.I. legislators had been getting small increases each year lately, with the most recent 1.5% bump-up taking effect in April 2020.

Previous raises were 1% taking effect in 2019, 1.5% taking effect in 2018, and 2% taking effect in 2017.

Still, Prince Edward Island MLAs remain the lowest paid in the country, making about 85 per cent of the regional average.

The base salary for New Brunswick MLAs is $85,000, while the base salary in Nova Scotia is $89,235.

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