No tax hike in Springwater in 2021

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You might say Springwater Township’s zero-per-cent tax increase falls into the zero-net-sum game.

If you continue to pay your taxes, they won’t raise them in 2021.

“We generated a zero-per-cent increase because any increase is impacted by COVID-19. To generate a tax increase in this environment is just not fair,” said Coun. Jack Hanna.

The 2021 budget has set aside $21.3 million in operating costs, $18.6 million for capital expenditures, $2.8 million for water operations and $1.7 million for wastewater management, for a grand total of $44.4 million.

Originally, the budget was expected to show a 1.8-per-cent increase, but council convinced staff to keep the status quo for another year.

“This year has brought unprecedented challenges for residents and businesses, as many struggle to deal with the impacts of COVID-19. By approving a zero-per-cent tax increase, council is providing relief to property owners and allowing them to better weather these uncertain times,” said Nicole Audette, Springwater’s communications officer.

However, the budget does include a $2.6-million price tag for a new Springwater Fire Station 2 to be located at the corner of Bayfield Street and Snow Valley Road. It will eventually help service the Geranium subdivision development, which will see 342 homes built on Carson Road in the coming year.

The County of Simcoe also approved its annual budget with a zero-per-cent increase.

Cheryl Browne, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Barrie Advance