No tax increases, crossing guards, and a roundabout: Highlights from the town of Paradise's 2020 budget

Town of Paradise

The town of Paradise has released its 2020 budget.

According to Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie, all of the initiatives in the budget will be implemented without borrowing money.

"While there may be a time when we need to borrow, our current fiscal needs are met within our current revenue sources," she told council on Tuesday evening.

The budget declared that the residential and commercial mil rates would remain at 7.2 and 11.5, and that there would be no change to the residential water and sewer rates. It also highlighted several key upcoming initiatives. 

  • Design work for a roundabout at Kenmount Road and McNamara Drive
  • Improvements to the intersection of St. Thomas Line and Paradise Road
  • A partnership with the Aquarena to "offer time slots exclusive to Paradise residents"
  • Hiring crossing guards for four elementary schools
  • Allocating $400,000 to the Infrastructure Reserve Fund
  • Purchasing a property at 3 St. Thomas Line for $430,000

The budget also announced the move from a per unit rate to a mil rate structure for commercial water and sewer, with the mil rate being 1.0 on 2020.

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