No tax increases for Holyrood this year

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Holyrood council has adopted a balanced budget of $4.03 million which sees no tax or fee increases this year.

Of that $4.03 million, some $2.03 million will come from residential property tax revenues. Another $515,578 will come from residential and commercial water and sewer taxes, while $401,313 will come from commercial tax revenue and $352,725 from business tax revenue.

On the expenditure side, the Town has budgeted $1.18 million for core services including water, sewer, roads, streetlights and maintenance, as its biggest expense, followed by general government costs, which includes engagement of professional services associated with property assessment services, legal, consulting, surveying and engineering.

The budget, presented by Mayor Gary Goobie, was adopted during the December 22 meeting of council.

In the coming year, council plans to start the Country Path Phase 1 extension in the spring and continue with Gas Tax-funded paving and road upgrades on other streets.

The Town will continue to offer residents an interest-free payment plan for their taxes over an eight-month period using postdated cheques. Seniors receiving the GIS will receive a 20 percent discount on property taxes. The Town will also provide a 20 percent property tax discount to families earning less than $30,000 annually. The vacant land water and sewer tax, valued at $246 in 2020, has been cut in half.

“These features of our budget allow residents to directly benefit from the revenues we have gained through increased economic activity visible through our business sectors as well as land sale investments,” said Goobie.

The Town has included a public relations component in the budget to provide money for events at Holy Cross Elementary and Roncalli Central High, including the breakfast program, and $10,000 for the Holyrood Public Library.

The Town will construct a new training room at the firehall, funded by the combined provincial and federal Safe Restart fund. Holyrood received $144,736 in funding from the program.

With an eye to environmental health, council has committed to starting a composting pilot project and a sewer study.

The Town recently completed an application for $1.5 million in federal infrastructure funds, and Goobie said council will soon announce new applications.

The mayor added that that the council will continue to work towards bringing a supermarket to the Stores in 2021.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News