No threat found in Montague schools following lockdown

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No threat was found in three schools in Montague, P.E.I., following a lockdown Monday afternoon, after a 911 call was received alluding to a threat, say RCMP. 

RCMP searched all three schools. 

The 911 call did not specify what the threat was or which school, say police. 

The call was received around 1:30 p.m. Monday at which point RCMP told the schools to proceed with their lockdown procedures. 

RCMP investigating origin of phone call

The lockdowns proceeded for about 25 minutes without incident, said Cpl. Alexis Triantafillou with Kings District RCMP.

"We were just looking to see if there was a disturbance or a threat at any of the schools. And like I said, all three schools there was nothing suspicious or threatening located or discovered," said Triantafillou.

"We were unable to trace from where the call came from so at this point we're trying to pinpoint that down," he said.

Students remained at school for the rest of the day and proceeded with their days as usual.

Police continue to investigate where the phone call originated from.  

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