No, you're not getting $85 for being vaccinated: Yukon RCMP warn against text scams

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'Fraudsters are putting a new spin on their old tricks,' Yukon RCMP say.  (CBC - image credit)
'Fraudsters are putting a new spin on their old tricks,' Yukon RCMP say. (CBC - image credit)

Yukon RCMP are warning people about recent scams targeting people by phone or text.

"Fraudsters are putting a new spin on their old tricks," police said in a news release.

RCMP say the COVID-19 pandemic means more people are connecting and doing business remotely — and scammers have adapted.

One recent scam involves text messages that promises the recipient $85, "for receiving COVID-19 vaccine." It includes a link to a website that police say is fake.

Police say it's typical for fraudsters to phone or text with promises of gifts or refunds, or demands of payment. They'll often pose as a legitimate business — such as a phone or utility company — or a government agency. Sometimes their caller ID is hidden to maintain the ruse.

Another common scam involves text messages that promise a deposit from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, with a link to another phony site.


Sometimes the fraudster will demand payment and utter veiled threats if the victim doesn't comply, according to police. They may suggest the victim will be arrested if they don't pay up.

"If it has happened to you, know that you are not alone," RCMP say.

Police advise people to be wary of unknown calls or texts, and not respond to them or click on unknown links. They also say you should never give out personal or financial information over the phone or by text.

RCMP say victims of fraud should report the incident to police, with as many details as possible about the interaction. Photos and screenshots are helpful, they say.

People can also report scams to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online or by email to, and forward spam messages to 7726 (SPAM).

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