Who is Noah Thompson? Meet the ‘American Idol’ semifinalist from Kentucky

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From being pushed to audition to battling COVID-19 in the quarterfinals, Noah Thompson is one of five “American Idol” singers who has survived to compete in the show’s semifinals on Sunday, May 15.

He will compete against Leah Marlene, Nicolina Bozzo, HunterGirl and Fritz Hager.

Here’s what to know about the soft spoken country singer.

Who is Noah Thompson?

Thompson is a 19-year-old Kentuckian construction worker, who first impressed judges with his country twang.

He revealed in March his then 7-month-old son was driving his “American Idol” journey.

“I recently became a dad. My little boy, he is my strive for all of this,” he said.

Where is Noah Thompson from?

Thompson is from Louisa, a rural town in northeastern Kentucky with a population of about 2,800.

The Lawrence County Tourism Commission said on Monday, May 9, it was preparing a homecoming event for Thompson.

“We’re already counting on the next ‘American Idol’ coming right here to Louisa, Kentucky,” a county official said.

Lawrence County proclaimed April 2022 as “Noah Thompson Appreciation Month.”

“During his time on ‘American Idol,’ Noah Thompson has not only just shown his ability as a singer, he’s also been a shining light on Lawrence County with his character,” Lawrence County Judge Executive Phillip Carter said. “Noah represents Lawrence County with a sincere politeness and humbleness that speaks volumes to the rest of America.”

Why did Noah Thompson audition?

Thompson was pushed to audition for “Idol” by his best friend and coworker, Arthur, who joined him in Austin, Texas, for his first performance in front of the judges. Arthur revealed that he signed Thompson up for “Idol.”

“Thank you, Arthur, for seeing him better than he could see himself,” Katy Perry told his friend.

Arthur returned to “Idol” earlier in May, when Thompson dedicated his performance of “You’ve Got a Friend to Me” to his friend.

What has he performed?

“Giving You Up” by Kameron Marlowe

“Burning House” by Cam

“July” by Noah Cyrus (with Olivia Faye)

“Stay” by Rihanna

“Blue Side of the Mountain” by The SteelDrivers

“Falling” by Harry Styles

“Cover Me Up” by Morgan Wallen

“Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

“Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

“Painted Blue” by Sundy Best

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

What have judges said about him?

From his audition round to last week’s quarterfinals, Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie have continued to give the Thompson exemplary remarks.

“You’ve got a real life storytelling bada-- voice. It’s believable,” Richie first told Thompson after his audition.

“There’s a magic quality going on in your voice,” Bryan said after Thompson performed a Rihanna cover. “No one is expecting what’s about to come out of your mouth when you start singing.”

Even when Thompson got COVID-19 before his two performances last week, he received some of his best comments of the season from Perry.

“I think you had to surrender and just (say) like, ‘I’m going to do the best I can,’” Perry said. “And you did the best that you have ever done tonight.”

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