Noise Contro By-law regulates noise taht is a public nuisance

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The Town of New Tecumseth is reminding residents about the Noise Control by-law which regulates and prohibits noise that could be a public nuisance.

If you are experiencing clearly audible, unwanted and persistent noise in a residential area, you can contact Municipal Law Enforcement to make a complaint.

Noises that are regulated and prohibited include: Loudspeakers, amplifiers, and electronic devices, stereos in a building, structure or motor vehicle, construction or maintenance equipment, and air conditioners, water pumps, pool pumps and filters or heat pumps that are not in proper working condition.

The by-law also includes unnecessary bells, horns, yelling and shouting, lack of a muffler or tires squealing on a motor vehicle, and explosives detonation.

In a broader sense, the by-law states that unnecessary noise includes any ongoing, persistent, or unusual sound or noise that is likely to disturb other residents. There are exemptions to this by-law if you are planning an activity that you know may be loud and heard by others.

You can apply for a By-law Noise Control Exemption. In this case you can explain the type of activity will be happening, the planned date and time, and why the existing by-law provisions cannot be complied with.

This type of exemption can be granted for special circumstances such as a wedding were a band will be playing or certain types of construction where machines will be used for a limited time.

If you are experiencing unwanted noise that is persistent, you can contact the Town’s Municipal Law Enforcement divi- sion to register a complaint.

All complaints are handled in confidence.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times

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