North Huron council updates Wingham BIA on activities

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WINGHAM – The Wingham Business Improvement Association (BIA) held its regular monthly meeting on April 20 at the Hot Stove Lounge in the North Huron Wescast Community Centre.

Coun. Mitch Wright provided an update from council to the BIA members. He spoke about how they had finally passed the township’s budget, “which was a lot of work, but I think it was a good thorough review of finances.”

Wright said, “It is kind of a notable budget because we’re now equalized with regards to policing payments through the three wards, so it’s kind of the final adjustment of getting kind of on equal footing.”

Notably, Wright added, “it’s actually a tax deduction or reduction for Wingham residents of seven per cent. This is an average, but it’s a reduction for Wingham residents. No one has told me they didn’t like it.”

BIA Chair Dave Tiffin said, “As far as the budget goes, thanks to council for getting that done. And I’ve got to commend you folks on municipal council because it’s not an easy job, and you always hear the bad stuff, and not always the good stuff. So, congratulations. And I think the increase is lower than some areas around us, from what I’ve read in the paper, so that’s nice to see as well.”

Wright updated the BIA on the Wingham 2024 Homecoming plans, highlighting what the new committee (started by Joe and Heidi Carter) is planning.

“I’ve been in touch with Joe Carter quite a bit,” said Wright. “He has set the regular meeting dates for the homecoming committee as the second Thursday (of the month), at 7 p.m. at the Legion.”

While the committee has several volunteers already, Wright said they would welcome more and are looking forward to working with the local service clubs.

“I like his vision,” Wright said of Carter.

Wright described it as “almost a decentralized vision.” The homecoming committee will gather all of the information and coordinate events, however events will be organized by individual venues, such as the Legion. The committee will then release one compiled schedule of activities.

“It decentralizes the planning,” Wright said. “You don’t have to have to have a massive homecoming committee with 30 people to plan everything.”

Wright told the BIA members that the Wingham Knights of Columbus, which had no representative for the homecoming gatherings, would also start attending the meetings.

Carter will appear as a delegation at the next Wingham BIA meeting on May 17.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times