North Huron revises mileage rate for staff

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NORTH HURON – Council approved an increase in reimbursable mileage compensation to better align with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines regarding the allowance.

During her presentation, Director of Finance Donna White told council about business expense policy updates that the mileage rate has not been updated since 2009, when it was set to $0.45/km.

White told council, the CRA updated its reasonable per-kilometre rate in 2021 to $0.59/km for the first 5,000 km driven and $0.53/km driven after that.

The new rate has been adopted by Huron County as well.

White told council that no mileage report has ever come in over 5,000 km.

Deputy Reeve Trevor Seip spoke about the CRA’s policy and his issues with the split after the first 5,000 km.

Seip said that he would prefer to pick one set amount, to avoid confusion, choosing to select the lower amount of 53 cents right across the board.

“I think 59 cents is high, for normal business practices,” Seip added, preferring to align more with other businesses in the area and not have the administration staff have to keep track of mileage to change the rate when a person may hit 5,000 km.

Council agreed and updated the policy to increase the mileage rate to $0.53/km with no mileage limit.

Council also updated their corporate credit card policy to provide a uniform and consistent process to establish rules that apply to employees when using corporate credit cards on behalf of the township.

The updated policy provides employees with a policy designed to ensure that organizational transactions are carried out as efficiently as possible while minimizing the risk of abuse or fraud involving unauthorized or inappropriate use of corporate credit cards.

Additionally, staff should not use corporate credit cards with suppliers where the township can secure credit terms (invoicing) or has a pre-existing account.

Council adopted a new HR Manual at the Sept. 13 meeting. As part of that review, these two policies had been included in the 2009 HR Manual. However, they were removed when the HR consultant recommended that they be implemented as standalone policies.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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