North Korea's Kim asks Trump for another meeting in 'very warm' letter

By Hyonhee Shin and Steve Holland
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    Trump will come back, saying, "I got America a great deal. North Korea has agreed to give up all their nukes, with inspection teams confirming it. And in return, they get Hawaii.
  • R
    It appears Kim likes the idea of Trump towers built in NK.
  • J
    Nixon in 1972 went to China and opened China to the west and was hailed as a great statesman. Trump is trying to negotiate and open North Korea and he is being hailed as the anti Christ.
  • B
    Pray for peace.
  • S
    Great! Singapore taxpayers are happy to pay an all expense paid trip for Kim and Trump to enjoy Singapore again and just remember, it is ALL EXPENSE PAID including Trumps and Kim’s security details salaries too. Isn’t that awesome ?
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    Maybe Trump could get some actual intel this time before the meeting and ask the tough questions instead of trying to find a new friend.
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    Kee Ray
    Trump and Kim are going to be going to a very warm place soon, and I’m not talking about Singapore.
  • W
    "Negotiation is another form of warfare to achieve your aims"
    North Korea aim: avoid war with US while strengthening nuclear arsenal and negotiate for removal of US forces, then threaten and invade South Korea for reunification.
    Count on it!!
  • C
    Yes this is different from every agreement they have made in the last 25 years, this time they really really really mean it.
  • M
    Why can't this be good news for everyone? Obama didn't even get this far with N. Korea. Did you all forget we had powerful nukes pointing at us & most likely still do? Think positive and you will see how wonderful it is.