North Myrtle Beach restaurant owner accused of shooting NC man, Solicitor’s Office says

A North Myrtle Beach business owner has been named as the alleged shooter in the fatal incident that killed a North Carolina man in the Longs area Sep. 9.

15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson confirmed Tuesday that Weldon Boyd, who operates Buoys on the Boulevard along South Ocean Boulevard, was one of two people allegedly involved in the shooting. Boyd has not been charged with any crime.

Richardson named Boyd in a letter that he sent to the state Attorney General’s Office Sept. 15 asking for a review of the case after Horry County Police are finished with their investigation.

Horry County law enforcement had declined to release the name of the second person involved in the shooting more than a week after it occurred. Police have asked South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to join the investigation, Richardson said.

Richardson said because Boyd posted on Facebook a statement thanking police and the Solicitor’s Office for their hard work, he asked for the review so that there wouldn’t be any issues of impropriety.

“Before and after that post, I have received several calls from community leaders with questions about the case,” the letter said. “Rumors have slipped in to fill the gaps as the investigation has carried on the past few days.”

Boyd issued a statement Sept. 12 on his personal and business Facebook pages offering his condolences and apology to the “family and friends of the person who lost his life” and “to the other motorists who were also victimized.”

Boyd declined to comment Sept. 13 when contacted by The Sun News about whether the statement was in regards to the shooting.

“We have no comment at this time,” Boyd said. He did not return a message Sept. 19.

Boyd directed calls to his attorney. A message left with his attorney was not immediately returned.

Scott Spivey of Tabor City, North Carolina, was shot and killed Saturday near S.C. 9 in Longs, according to the Horry County Coroner’s Office.
Scott Spivey of Tabor City, North Carolina, was shot and killed Saturday near S.C. 9 in Longs, according to the Horry County Coroner’s Office.

What happened in the shooting?

Horry County Police say Scott Spivey, 33, of Tabor City, North Carolina, was killed in an exchange of gunfire while on Camp Road near S.C. 9.

Spivey was shot about 5:50 p.m., according to an email from the Horry County Coroner’s Office Sunday. Spivey died on the scene.

A police report showed that two other people were involved in the shooting that killed Spivey.

It is not clear who fired their weapons and when.

“The events that unfolded were truly tragic and have left a lasting impact on me, my good friend from college, and all the many other motorists that were involved and affected,” Boyd’s statement said. “We were certainly at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t know if we will ever understand or come to terms with why these random and traumatic events occurred.”

Based on the police report, it appears that Spivey’s vehicle was in front of another vehicle when the shooting occurred at the intersection of Camp Swamp Road and S.C. 9 in the Longs area.

A driver of a white Dodge TRX truck told police that “the guy in the black truck jumped out and started shooting at us and I shot back. I think he’s dead.” The driver said he still had his pistol on him. The officer retrieved it out of his holster, the report said. The passenger of the white truck stated his firearm was on the passenger seat, and the officer also retrieved it.

The driver’s side front door in the Black Chevy pickup was open and the driver was hunched over the center console of the truck, with his right arm hanging over the console into the rear passenger area, the report said. He had no movement. A black handgun with the slide locked back was just under his hand, the report said.

The police report did not say what led to the shooting.

The coroner said the shooting appears to be an isolated incident but remains under investigation by the Horry County Police Department.

Buoys on the Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach.
Buoys on the Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach.