North Perth Council Briefs: New municipal position added, Horton Drain to be investigated

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NORTH PERTH – At North Perth’s June 13 council meeting, council voted to approve a new position for the municipality and investigate the Horton Municipal drain.

Community Developer Program

Council voted to approve a new position at the municipality: the Community Developer and Support Worker position. North Perth collaborated with Family Services Perth Huron (FSPH), Stratford, and United Way Perth-Huron to und a pilot program to assist members of the public who are in need. Some of the issues needing urgent care are “COVID-19, mental health concerns, homelessness, and to address the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.”

The Town of St. Marys completed a successful program, though impacted by the pandemic, and they received positive feedback from the community.

In response, North Perth put up an installment to FSPH to provide a similar program. The position in question would “meet with community members, provide short-term support as required, and facilitate internal and community focused education and outreach to improve awareness of social issues and the supports that exist in the community.” They would conduct interviews with the public and visit social housing.

The candidate would be a qualified social worker.

$70,000 in funding will come from Stratford with the remaining $25,000 coming from the municipality. It will be a one-year contract to be renewed if deemed successful and beneficial.

Horton Municipal Drain

Council voted to appoint Dietrich Engineering to investigate improvements for the Horton Municipal Drain.

Constructed in 1984, the drain serves lots in Wallace and Elma and “functions properly.”

The owners, however, expressed a need for upgrades since it isn’t big enough for the 110 acre catchment area. They’re experiencing poorly drained lands.

The owners want a more “intense” drain system be installed.

Connor Luczka, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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