North Perth council remuneration totals over $200K for 2022

NORTH PERTH – At its March 6 meeting, an item under the consent agenda was received by council regarding its remuneration.

The treasurer’s report broke down the remuneration and expenses of the North Perth municipal council. The total cost for 2022 was $203,251.65. There were expenses totalling $5,052.32, which varied from councillor to councillor. With former Coun. Terry Seiler at zero and over $1,000 in expenses from Coun. Allan Rothwell.

The majority of the cost was the salaries for the councillors, coming in at $192,761.07. Mayor Todd Kasenberg was the highest paid, as his position as mayor of North Perth comes with the remuneration of $30,787.71. Next, Deputy Mayor Doug Kellum received a salary of $20,148.64 for 2022. Then, councillors from both the previous and current terms, Coun. Lee Anne Andriessen, Coun. Neil Anstett, Coun. Matt Duncan, Coun. Dave Johnston, Coun. Matt Richardson and Coun. Allan Rothwell, received $17,548.66. Next, previous councillors Terry Seiler and Julie Behrns received a salary of $15,889.73 and new councillors Sarah Blazek and Marc Noordam received $2,371.65.

There was also an expense of $5,438.26 for special meeting remuneration with Mayor Kasenberg receiving almost half at $2,536.50.

Melissa Dunphy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner