North Perth to submit delegation to discuss Atwood servicing upgrades

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NORTH PERTH – At its Nov. 8 meeting, council voted in favour of supporting the submission of a delegation for the 2022 Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) conference to discuss the Atwood servicing upgrades project with the MTO.

“Tonight is just seeking permission from council to submit a delegation to Association of Municipalities Ontario ROMA to discuss the resurfacing of the Atwood Main Street, Highway 23,” said CAO Kriss Snell. “We’ve been in discussions with the MTO since 2019 about this project.”

Atwood servicing upgrades is an outstanding 2021 capital project that would include an extension of the potable water system to 158 existing residential lots within the community.

“Through our ongoing discussions the MTO has been a little bit reluctant to set a target date,” said Snell. “It looks like the target date now is 2024 however it just looks like it has reverted to a resurfacing project which does not meet the needs for us to install a water main. So we would like to just meet with the MTO briefly during ROMA to have a conversation about if this project could better suit the needs of North Perth.”

Expansion of the existing system would include the ability to loop water mains which will improve water pressure in all parts of the distribution system.

North Perth council voted in favour of supporting the submission of an online municipal delegation request form for the ROMA 2022 conference to discuss the servicing upgrades project.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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