Northern Peninsula, parts of Labrador battered by blizzard

Residents of the Northern Peninsula and Labrador's southern coast are hunkering down as the region continues to be hammered by wind and snow.

Environment Canada has issued a blizzard warning for the area, with the provincial government telling drivers to stay off the road.

On the Northern Peninsula, St. Anthony Mayor Ernest Simms says whiteout conditions have forced snowplows to stay off the roads.

"It's rough here. It's quite a storm," Simms told CBC, adding that visibility has been zero since 4 p.m. Friday.

"We've had to take all of our plows off the road. ... We're asking everybody to stay off the roads, and we're responding only to emergencies."

A couple of people have had to abandon their vehicles on the road, said Simms. In one instance, he said, a driver had to be rescued by plow drivers.

"There was actually one vehicle with a lady aboard of it, and they got, along with the RCMP, they got the lady to safety," he said. "This town is almost shut down."

Environment Canada says blizzard conditions are expected to continue overnight into Sunday.