Northern Sojourn, Labrador training exercise, comes to an end

Northern Sojourn, Labrador training exercise, comes to an end

More than 300 Canadian soldiers are returning to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, after completing a Labrador training mission.

Reserve soldiers from Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick were trained to operate in Labrador's sub-polar climate.

According to the Canadian Forces, the United States National Guard and Polish Army members also took part in the training exercise.

The troops worked on their survival and shooting skills, and also took a 360-kilometre snowmobile trip on a practice patrol.

The group visited North West River, Postville and Makkovik, and had a chance to meet community members there, and were treated to some Labrador hospitality.

"We had our own tents to set up and the community wanted to help us set up the tents, and that was really nice to see," said Pte. Markolefas, a gunner with the Canadian Forces.

"It's kind of touching as well, because they're all there for each other and they want to help each other, even when you bring somebody else into the community like the [Canadian Forces], when we were there, everyone wanted to help you."