Northwest B.C. teacher gets Vancouver Canucks captain to class

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You’d certainly want Ms. B as your teacher, especially since she got a fan favourite NHL player to class on a school day.

Grade 5 students at Veritas Catholic School in Terrace got to spend five minutes with Bo Horvat, Vancouver Canucks captain, virtually on Nov. 16. Many dressed in Canucks jerseys, the students used the meeting time to ask Horvat questions and take a class photograph with him on the screen.

Although the students were supposed to be on call with him for a minute, Horvat was a “huge sport” and ended up giving them five minutes, said teacher Amanda Botelho.

“He [Horvat] was really good with the kids,” she said. “It was an exciting experience for everyone, especially during this time, with the pandemic.”

Botelho, a die hard Canucks fan, won a contest that gave her the chance to talk to the Vancouver captain after buying a Pharmasave Canucks Calendar earlier this month.

Her meet and greet timing with Horvat was scheduled for the afternoon of Nov. 16, a time when she’s usually at school.

Botelho messaged the organizers back and explained she’s a teacher and that time would not work for her personally. However, it got her thinking that it could be a great experience for her class.

“I requested them and told them, ‘l know it’s supposed to be a one-on-one, but can we make this a Canucks day for my kids and get a photo opportunity with Bo?’”

The organizers agreed and Horvat attended the ‘Canucks Tuesday’ in Botelho’s classroom via Zoom.

Even students who are not fans of the team were excited.

“My students know I’m a huge fan, they knew this was a big day for me,” said Botelho.

After saying hello to the children, Horvat answered some of the questions they prepared for him. Students asked who his idol is and what are his lucky charms. Horvat replied saying that his parents were his idols while growing up and his wife and son are his lucky charms.

Another student got a little nervous while asking questions and told Horvat, “I’m going to see you in March,” said Botelho. Horvat encouraged the student by asking which game he plans to attend.

Horvat even signed a copy of the Canucks calendar while on the call which he addressed to ‘Ms. B’s Grade 5 class at Veritas school.’

As for an early Christmas present for Botelho’s class, they’ll be getting a framed copy of their photo with Horvat.

Binny Paul, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Terrace Standard

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