Norwegian hockey teams play through 11 periods in record-breaking game

The longest hockey game in the sport's history exhausted two Norwegian teams as they battled on the ice for over eight hours with eight overtime periods Sunday night.

The Storhamar Dragons scored the winning goal against the Sparta Warriors ending the 11th period with a score of 2-1.

"It just seemed like every time you would look up at the clock there would be one minute left in another overtime and another overtime," said Joey Tenute, forward for the Dragons.

He says that in the blur of all the action, his teammates went into survival mode in this crucial playoff game. During breaks, they would try to refuel as much as possible just to keep their energy up.

"There was pizza going around at some point, some pasta, some bread and peanut butter, sports drinks.

"Guys were getting taped up and battling through cramping … it happened really fast and looking back now it it's almost surreal that it actually happened."

Incredibly, they'll be back at it again Tuesday night with Storhamar now leading 3-2 in the series and trying to close things out on the road at Sarpsborg.

Reality still sinking in

There was still a hint of disbelief in Tenute's voice as he spoke with On The Coast guest host Gloria Macarenko almost exactly 24 hours after the marathon game started.

The 33-year-old centre has carved out a well-travelled and varied playing career. He's a former Ontario Hockey League standout who appeared in one NHL game with Washington during Alex Ovechkin's rookie season and still has two years left on his deal with Storhamar.

The small town of Hamar is full of hockey fans says Tenute, and they kept the atmosphere in the arena high through the whole night.

"I think that people embraced it and really felt like they were a part of history."

When Joakim Jensen scored the final goal, Tenute says the whole team collapsed together on the ice in a collective sense of joy and relief.

"At the end of the game, I think both teams just kind of looked at each other and felt that it was something special to be a part of. I'm sure everyone down the road when it all sets in, it's going to be a great memory."

The morning after a Game 5 that seemed like it might never end, Tenute and his teammates were on the training table getting treatment. There was also a short team meeting, but they didn't review any game tape.

"It's tough to break down 11 periods of hockey," he said. "I think both teams are definitely going to be battling again tomorrow. It's not much time for turn over … so I can't imagine that anyone is feeling in top shape."

The longest NHL playoff hockey game was six overtime periods in 1936 between Detroit and Montreal during Game 1 of the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In 2003, a playoff game between Dallas and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks went to five overtime periods before the winning goal was scored.