Nosbonsing Park Road neighbours raise money for Legion

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Neighbours along Nosbonsing Park Road in Corbeil raised money for the local Canadian Legion by selling a variety of Legion Lest we Forget flags.

The founders of the fundraiser prefer to remain anonymous, as “this is a Nosbonsing Park Road neighbourhood event,” and “a lot of us contributed to the project.”

As such, the founders did not want to take credit away from the entire group, nor did they want to take away from the purpose of the exercise—to honour veterans and raise some money for the Legion.

After securing 32 Lest we Forget flags “in four different styles, at a very reasonable price” organizers reached out to road residents and offered them for sale at $15.

One neighbour maintains an e-mail mailing list, and soon after sending out word of the flags “she sold all 32 flags in less than two hours.”

In total, the community raised $550 which they presented to the president of Legion 445 in Callander, Marc Picard.

“Everyone is struggling now with the pandemic, even the legion,” one organizer said. “They used to have all of these events to raise funds, and they haven’t been able to do that.”

“It’s a great fundraising activity,” Mayor Pauline Rochefort said. “We’re delighted to see that kind of activity in the community,” she added.

The president of Callander’s Legion, Marc Picard, accepted the donation. “It was a wonderful gesture by these people,” he said.

“It was fantastic that they all got together and did this, and they did a great job with their project.”

Besides the donation, the road now serves as a reminder to remember the service and sacrifices of veterans, as those flags dot the roadway and adorn porches and garage fronts.

The goal being “to honour our veterans” an organizer said. “I always look for those veteran’s licence plates in parking lots,” she added, “and I will wait for the people to return to thank them.”

“I think it’s very important.”

“And I extend my appreciation to everyone who participated in this,” she added. “We have such great people here on the road.”

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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