Not an April Fool's joke: Snow heading toward Montreal area

After some mild and spring-like weather, snow is on its way to the Montreal area — and no, that isn't an April Fool's Day joke.

Environment Canada says a low pressure system from the central United States will bring snow into southern Quebec beginning Friday afternoon.

The snow will move through the province from west to east starting in Montreal and heading towards the Eastern Townships.

It will reach southern parts of the Montérégie region around 3 p.m. and will be mixed with rain at first.

Snow will start to accumulate as the temperature drops throughout the evening.

By Saturday morning, those areas will have five to 10 centimetres on the ground, coincidentally — or not — April Fool's Day.

It will be a grey day Saturday, but the day will warm up quickly so the snow won't stick around for long.

On the bright side, the first full week of April starts with sunny skies and warm temperatures Sunday and Monday.

Not everyone is happy about spring snow, but it's not out of the ordinary. 

According to Radio-Canada weather specialist Véronique Mayrand, Montreal gets an average of 13 centimetres of snow in April.