Not growing your own food? Charlottetown wants to know why

The City of Charlottetown's sustainability office wants to know why more people aren't growing some of their own food.

It asked Heather Simpson, a fourth year UPEI student in environmental studies, to create a survey, which is online now.

The city hopes the information will help shape future programs around gardening and food security.

"There's been lots of studies that show that people that do grow their own food have better diets, they have increased food security," said Simpson.

"They have better access to healthy food at a reduced cost. It's a viable option even to make a small dent in someone's grocery bill. I think this is a good survey to sort of figure out why people aren't doing it."

More than a hundred people have completed the survey in its first week online, and Simpson said it will be online for another week at least.

The survey results will be available before the end of April.

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