'It's not like they can fire her': Meghan Markle's reported frustration with royal life divides commenters

“She knew what she was signing up for.”

“I guess this demonstrates that all walks of life have their share of issues.”

According to a report from People magazineMeghan Markle isn’t completely amenable to her new royal role, finding some of the rules of aristocratic etiquette “difficult to understand,” according to an unnamed source.

Meghan Markle has expertly navigated her new duchess role since joining the royal family two months ago. (Photo: People)

The Duchess of Sussex, says the source, doesn’t agree with the Queen’s expectation that women wear dresses rather than pantsuits, and often asks Prince Harry to translate the other house rules. “I think she finds it a little frustrating at times,” the insider said, “but this is her new life, and she has to deal with it.”

The former actress has in the past been relatively open about her political and social leanings, despite the royal family’s effort to avoid public political discussions. Other traditionally private matters, like extended family dynamics, have also followed Markle into the spotlight — although not by her choosing.

Yahoo readers had a lot to say about the duchess’s alleged attitude toward her new role. Some scolded the royal for her naïveté: “No one said it would be easy Meg,” one commenter wrote on Yahoo Entertainment’s original article.

A few commenters questioned the validity of the statement. “I don’t believe it,” one reader said. “She is an actress who has been groomed for this role for years now and going along with royal protocol should be easy as reading a script.” Another wrote that the rules should be a nonissue: “She doesn’t need to abide by their arbitrary social rules,” the commenter said. “It’s not like they can fire her.”

Many readers came to Markle’s defense: “This is a marriage and a job and protocols can be confusing when things are new, but she’s getting it and doing well,” one commenter left on the article. “I think everyone would find all that protocol a little cumbersome,” another Markle fan wrote. “She is doing really well.”

Plenty of royal followers came out with theories as to who the source could be, many settling on Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, and going to town.

Thomas Markle pulled out of his daughter’s wedding one week before. (Photos: Rex/ABC)

“She’s doing just fine,” one reader said, “especially considering how many people (including members of her own family) want to see her fail.”

Twitter users, especially, went after Markle’s family:

Overall, readers seemed to empathize with the duchess and wish her success in the future: “She has a lovely life. I’m happy for her.”

Some even thought the pain of daily heels and dresses is all worth it for perks like this:

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