How not to tap a keg

Don’t try this at home. Video still from Facebook

Tapping a beer keg yourself is an excellent way to show your friends what a cool dude you are. It can also be a great way to smash things and soak an entire bar in beer foam.

A solid example of the latter unfolds like a Laurel and Hardy skit in a clip posted to Facebook by the German beer producers Brauerei & Gasthof Zwanzger. A man holds a large wooden mallet and attempts to drive in the coupler, but in doing so smashes the large stein that his lady friend had been trying to fill with beer. This provokes a round of enthusiastic laughter from everyone in the bar.

Undeterred, the man continues to hammer the coupler into the keg. Tapping a German keg is a delicate art, and something about this particular fellow’s method is a tad indelicate, because in an instant the entire bar is drenched in the beer. It seems that all it takes is one errant mallet stroke and you’ll be wearing the beer you were planning on drinking.

Fortunately for the unskilled keg tapper in the video, his friends seemed more amused by the mishap than angry. Still, we’re guessing beers were on him.