Note left with cats begged NC shelter to find them home. ‘Mommy can’t take care of me’

Scratched into the side of an abandoned cat carrier, a “heartbreaking message” awaited staff of a North Carolina animal rescue organization, the group said in a Sept. 14 Facebook post.

The note, etched in black ink, read, “My name is Baby. My mommy can’t take care of me anymore. Please find me and my sister a new home. Thank you!”

The two cats were left alone at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, which is located in Asheville. The pair was placed “in the shade of our play yard,” the rescue organization said in the post.

Not only did Brother Wolf Animal Rescue bring in the two cats, but they left an understanding note for the previous owner on its Facebook post. The organization thanked the person who left the cats and assured them the two were now safe.

“We understand you didn’t have another choice, and we hope you are ok,” the shelter wrote in the post.

Several people expressed how sad the situation was in the comment section of the post.

“Thank you for using compassion instead of judgment. I’m glad these sweet babies will have a chance with a new family,” one commentor said.

“I’m sure the owner loved them enough to make the heart breaking choice to take them where they would be safe. sending good wishes that this story has a happy next chapter,” another wrote.

The two cats have since been renamed Junebug and Magpie, Fox Carolina reports. Junebug has medium-length hair; while Magpie is a shorthair cat, according to adoption information on Brother Wolf’s website. Both cats are also listed as having “special medical needs” on the site.

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