There’s nothing lucky about Geno Smith’s play in 2022 | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don discuss Geno Smith's stellar season in Seattle.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Geno Smith, like, I retweeted this piece from Derrik Klassen, who does great work on quarterbacks from Football Outsiders. And his point in the piece, and I totally agree with it watching these guys on film, the Seahawks offense isn't gimmicky. It's not [? fluky. ?] They're not like doing any weird stuff.

They're just playing. Like Shane Waldron's just calling a Shanahan offense and Geno is crushing it like a Rams offshoot. That's where it's like-- hey, and again, you brought the Pete Carroll the wristband point. I feel like this entire season is just like Seahawks season just sub tweeting Russell Wilson. Like everything they say is like kind of coming out like that.

And this is why like the offense that they're running right now is why I was excited when they hired Shane Waldron. I'm like, yeah, Russ should be able to run an offense like this and it should be the best of both worlds. And I mean, we saw how that went last year. We see how that's going in Denver. It's not going well.

Geno, Derrik made the point in a follow up tweet, he said, I don't think I wrote this in the piece, but Geno Smith is playing at least as well as Ryan Tannehill did when he played himself into a contract out of nowhere. That's the starting point in terms of like bringing Geno back. So like shout out to Geno, man. He does-- I think Seattle's got to like retain him at this point, because he's been so good. Like legitimately really good.

DALTON DEL DON: He's like the fourth favorite to win the MVP right now, maybe higher if Allen goes down. It's crazy. And all the-- if you look at the nerd stats his throws, he's been good everywhere on the field. Under pressure, outside of pressure, nothing fluky about it. He just suddenly became a much better player. And it's great to-- heard Adam Levitan pushing for comeback player of the year.

I don't know what he's coming back from, but it's been a bad football player into a great one. I mean, so I could see it. I mean, it's a crazy turnaround. I thought Drew Lock was going to be starting for Seattle and I just dismissed the Geno talk all summer. And it couldn't have been more wrong. I mean it's wild.