This notoriously racy Instagram account was just reinstated after a 2-week ban — but is it still objectifying women?

A notorious website that was shut down from Instagram has been reinstated. (Photo: Instagram/candyshopmansion)

A notorious Instagram account that was taken down for “inappropriate content” has just been reinstated.

The account, “Candy Man Mansion,” is owned by infamous playboy Travers Beynon, the managing director of FreeChoice tobacco in Australia.

The billionaire, described as Australia’s answer to Hugh Hefner, lives on the Gold Coast,and is known for the wildly decadent and risqué parties he throws at his “Candy Shop Mansion” home.

“For years, it has been a hushed hot spot of the elite, a haven to escape normality and enter a world of fantasy and freedom,” the Candy Shop Mansion’s website says of its parties.

Though Beynon is married with four children, he claims to have 10 girlfriends and has previously discussed sleeping with four women in his bed at night.

According to the Telegraph, he described himself as “a cross between the Great Gatsby, Hugh Hefner, the Wolf of Wall Street, and Tony Stark, with a taste for Versace, who can easily turn into a Willy Wonka character.”

The Instagram account, which has 773,000 followers, often features images of scantily dressed women, including shots of women showering.

Earlier this year Beynon was also accused of “branding” and “objectifying” women after sharing photographs of women with matching tattoos of his company logo.

In early February the infamous account was shut down, and though a reason was allegedly not given, it is suspected inappropriate content could have been behind the decision.

“It’s been destructive for us because we were just about to roll out more marketing,” Candy Shop Mansion event manager Belinda Gavin told Daily Mail Australia.

A message on the website about the closure read: “Can’t find us on Instagram? They deleted the Candy Shop Mansion account! Stay tuned for more. In the mean time our Snapchat is the place to get your fix.”

But according to Daily Mail Australia  the account has now been reinstated after a two-week suspension. There has already been a new post.

“Why don’t the women leave the kitchen? That’s not the point… I’m back bitches,” Beynon wrote in a typically brazen post.

The accompanying image features the former model turned businessman surrounded by scantily clad women in the kitchen of his multimillion-dollar home.

And it seems some fans are glad to have the account back — the image has already been liked almost 18K times.

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