Nova Scotia and New Brunswick face end of domestic supply of natural gas

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    What about Corridor Resources of Halifax - NB natural gas?
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    Now they will have to choose whether they want to buy it from the USA or apply pressure on Quebec to allow a pipeline to bring in Canadian (Alberta/Saskatchewan).
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    why isn't gas and oil being sent from Alberta? most of the pipelines are ready except for Quebec but all the hassle is with BC. Alberta needs a pipeline both directions, there is no excuse for Canada to buy foreign oil, there is no reason for Quebec and BC to hold up shipping oil.
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    The government of the area should be on top of this issue. Instead they are all playing dead. The idiots in Ottawa are too busy trying to get re-elected than to actually do any proper planning. This should not be an issue and yet the overpaid bureaucrats remain sitting on their hands. They should all be replaced (fired).
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    This is why the Maritimes are the dumbest people in Canada. They all voted for JT. Who cancelled Energy east with all the new regulations. Now they won't drill for there own oil and gas on land or off shore. Unreal, but they will still vote for JT and the provincial Liberals!!!